Lee and William!

Gotta first start out by saying that I think the very best part of photography is having the opportunity to shoot some of your friend’s biggest life events. I’ve known Lee since elementary school. ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. We’re talking lunch boxes, hello kitty, Lisa and Frank, duckhead shirts, hot pink socks and leg warmers. You get the idea. Anyway, I got to go through all of that with Lee and now I’m getting to photograph her hanging out with the man she will be with the rest of her life. I just think that’s kinda cool.
These are a few of my favorite shots from our engagement shoot at the Riverwalk. We barely caught the last of the autumn colors, but I think some of the semi-winter environment made an interesting backdrop as well. Hope you enjoy.

Check out the rest here!

An Update on Luna

Some of my close friends know what’s going on with Luna but I haven’t really been able to talk to many of you about it. Figured it’s easier to write a blog.
Last Thursday Luna came down with a virus of some sort and I noticed the symptoms on Friday after she had diarrhea plus a runny nose. Typically I wouldn’t think much of it since puppies can get diarrhea easily based on any change in diet. Thankfully I decided to take her to the vet after work and they found her to have a 104* temperature (normal is 102*). They asked me to let them keep her overnight and said she would probably be okay to go home on Saturday.
Saturday morning I received another call from the vet saying that Luna still had a slight fever and diarrhea so they would like to keep her over the weekend to be safe. My latest update as of this morning is that her temperature is normal but they’re finding blood in her stool. She’s been hooked up to an IV since Friday to provide her with fluids and antibiotics. They still don’t think it’s anything too serious but they are wanting to keep monitoring her just in case.
My sick baby on Saturday morning. She was completely out of it when I first saw her. This sight absolutely breaks your heart.
After a few minutes she started playing.. in a very sleepy kind of way. I’m glad she at least recognizes who I am.

I can tell you right now, it’s really really hard leaving your sick pet at the vet hospital. I can only imagine what it’s like to have a sick child.
I’ll get to see her again today after work. I’m praying that she takes a strong turn in the next day so she can come home soon. Both for her sake and for my pocketbook. I’d like to say I’m really glad I had money saved up before I got a puppy. Good lesson for first time pet owners!
Other than her sickness, it’s been such a joy to have her. She’s definitely been aggravating at times, but I know she’s such a great dog and will be a wonderful addition to my life.
Here are happy photos so I have something to look forward to when she comes home. Everyone should meet this dog. Seriously.

Carla and Brian: Sneak Peek

I’m excited to finally be posting a couple of my favorite photos from Carla and Brian’s wedding earlier this month. Big thanks to Carla for all of her kind words throughout the entire process. I feel so blessed for all of the encouragement! Also big thanks for your patience.. sickness+business trips+ new puppy is a bad combination for photo editing! They are definitely coming along, though 🙂
Hope you guys enjoy! I’ll put more up once I’m finished.

Getting Homey

Finally making some progress on the house! Now I’m just working on getting 2 white bookshelves for the living room, a coffee table, a tv and some decorative stuff for the kitchen. Hello adulthood.
Carla and Brian’s sneak peek photos are next!
Before (taken with my older digital camera.. wishing I had my nikon):

Carla’s Bridal Portraits

I am so excited to finally show Carla’s bridal portraits! We had a really fun time shooting in the horseshoe back in August. Carla is so natural behind the camera. It took all of 1o minutes before she was strutting her stuff.
I had a fabulous time at Carla and Brian’s wedding this past Saturday! It was such a treat to get to shoot with my best friend from high school, Ashley Smith (make sure to check her out!).
I’ll try to post some sneak peaks to the wedding soon. Hope you enjoy Carla’s bridals! I’m including a slideshow because it’s too hard to pick my favorites.

Puppy bliss

Do you have any idea how hard it was for me to hold my new puppy for an hour and then leave her and drive home states away? I know that’s cheesy.. it’s just a puppy. But if you saw this sweet little peaceful thing.. you’d probably melt as well. Of course, I’m glad I got to meet/remember her before the crazy reckless puppy phase!
I’ll be bringing her home at 11 weeks old because Valerie has very kindly agreed to keep her until I return from my business trip in October. I wish it were sooner but I’m sure this decision is for the best. Ugh.. adulthood!

Finally.. meet baby Luna. She’ll be a lot bigger next time you see her.
Love my little chubbers!

I had a wonderful time in Charlottesville, as usual. Katy and I somehow managed to skip our normal late night out routine, but football, wine tasting and amazing food was a great compromise! I hate that I barely have any photos.. especially of Laura’s very tasty blue Michigan cake. Next time!
If any of you happen to live close to or visit Charlottesville, definitely stop by Veritas. There are lots of great wineries, but this one is one of the best for the atmosphere plus great wine. I also highly recommend the rose (and I usually find rose much too sweet).

T-18 days until Carla’s wedding! Hopefully there will be another post until then.

It’s been a while..

But I’m back! I must say, it feels really good to blog again after a long break. I’ve been busy with work, training classes, house stuff, (not tv.. we actually haven’t had cable since we moved in in May.. and it’s a little refreshing).
Anyway, I’m shooting a wedding for the lovely Carla Stone on October 2nd and I’ll be excited to get all of those happy pics up on this blog. Until then, I’ll have puppy photos! Yes, you heard that right. PUPPIES. Who can possibly not love puppies??
I’ll be visiting oldmilldoodles.com over labor day to pick out Luna, the newest furry addition to my family! I’ll also have the wonderful opportunity to visit my sweet friend Katy and watch some football (which happens to be 361.95 miles away from gamecock country!). I am bracing myself for this football season. Last fall wasn’t easy but I survived. This year I’ll grin and bare it the best I can 😉
So here are some photos from my last trip to Charlottesville that I somehow never got around to posting. Hope you enjoy!
It was a gorgeous spring day in wine country!

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