My New England Tour

About a month ago I got to visit my good friend, Sarah, in Portsmouth, NH following a trip to PA for work. During this trip I finally got to experience true American travel- aka the Greyhound. I spent exactly 45 minutes in Time Square during my layover, using the majority of my time looking for a cute cafe for lunch but had to settle for a street pretzel due to lack of cute cafes. Anyway, I was glad to at least leave the city having only spent exactly 3 bucks.

Two bus rides later I made it to Portsmouth. I have to admit, I really didn’t know what to expect since Sarah had always described Portsmouth as a small city. Truth is, it’s super cute and jam packed with about anything you might want: great food, historic buildings, beautiful landscape, and fun people/night life. I will definitely be returning when it warms up! (Sorry, Sarah, I have an above freezing minimum requirement 😉

As always, my prints are available on Smugmug. I’m also updating my Etsy account for the first time in forever, so check it out!

Portsmouth at night-- US version of Prague?

Shout out to Portsmouth Brewery. Enjoyed the porter and chowder!

"Black Yankees and the Sea"

Old homes

Lots of old homes

Getting ready to head out for some hiking. Check out Sarah's cute place!

Ordiorne State Park, NH

Wells Reserve at Laudolm

Good times with Sarah! Reunion coming soon..

Don’t worry, NYC, I’ll see you soon as well 🙂


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