Clemson ’til the end

Hello internet. I have photos from my trip to NH/Maine to post soon. For now, I just want to pay a little tribute to Clemson. Yes, the Clemson vs. WVU game was more than embarrassing. Yes, the timing of the loss was unfortunate. But you know what? I am just as proud to have gone to Clemson today as I was two days ago. I’m also glad I got to go to Miami for the time spent with great friends and family. Clemson is about way more than football. If you haven’t really experienced the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, I don’t think you can quite understand it. I think it has been best summarized by a fellow blogger named Jess. I don’t know her personally, but I have a hunch she wouldn’t mind me sharing:

“My alma mater is more than the color orange or purple. It is more than football or baseball or basketball.  It is a feeling.  And until you have experienced it, you just won’t get it.  My alma mater buries itself deep in your heart and thumps louder and louder and louder the older you get.

My alma mater is tradition.  It’s military background and agricultural education paved the way for the university we love today.

My alma mater has home-made ice cream.  And for an ice cream lover, that makes for a little piece of heaven on Earth.

My alma mater has the most beautiful sunsets over the most beautiful clock tower.  The sky is painted orange and purple in the most spectacular display of beauty a person can imagine.

My alma mater is family.  I am forever bound by an unseen thread to men and women all over the world who feel the same feeling I do and have experienced the same traditions that I have experienced.

My alma mater is nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains.  And there is something in those hills that beckons me to return over and over and over again.  It echos in my heart day after day.

My alma mater is Clemson University.  And despite the score of the game last night–or any other time–the fact still remains that I love the ground in which I tread for 10 years, first as an undergraduate then a graduate student and finally an employee. I love Clemson University to the depths of my heart.  Because it was during my time at Clemson, that I learned about faith and family and friends.  It was during my time at Clemson that I learned how to be me.”

My photography hobby began after I left Clemson, but I still got some special shots while I was there. Look for a post in the spring when I get back up to play with my new equpiment.

Hope you enjoy!

This is that Clemson sunset everyone has been talking about

These were more recent shots of the UVA vs Clemson game I shot with my zoom lens:

Go Tigers!!


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