Happy Belated Birthday to my Dad!

I’m not trying to be a cop out, but I thought it would be fun to copy and paste the entry I wrote for my dad on his birthday last year. I thought it was interesting that I mentioned how much his Christmas card meant to me (this year he said he selfishly hoped I would get the job in Greenville so that I will be close..ha). In the beginning of the year I was searching endlessly for jobs in Nashville and my dad offered to fly me back and forth as much as I wanted (we’ll see ;).. Well, now a year later I have a phone interview with a company in Nashville on Tuesday. I really haven’t been looking for jobs in Nashville since about August, but I randomly found this job during a nationwide search. I’m also still waiting to hear back from Greenville and would absolutely love to have that job.

Anyway, in case you didn’t read it last year.. meet my Dad. He’s wonderful!

I think after all of these years I still look at him like that sometimes. My dad is an amazing person. Besides the fact that he is hard working, smart, funny (he wore a cowboy hat during all of Thanksgiving).. he’s a great father and husband. He took me to get certified to scuba dive when I was 15 years old so that we would have an excuse to spend a little extra time together (since the days of throwing the ball in the backyard had long passed). Lately I can tell he’s been trying to show me how he cares in his own little ways. My mom makes it very clear that she misses me all the time, but my dad lets me know in more subtle ways. The Christmas card he gave me this year made me cry.. and made me realize that he really does support me in everything I do. It’s nice when the person you’ve looked up to all of your life seems to think really highly of your career and ambitions.

He’s offered to fly me home as much as I want if I find a job in Nashville this summer.. that may be an offer too good to pass up 🙂

My family is great. I am blessed.


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